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Camp Fitz-John Porter —— · · · —— On this site in 1862 was erected Camp Fitz-John Porter as a recruit camp for Civil War soldiers. Named after a Union general, it was the initial training ground fo…
Brockport Central Rural High School Opened in 1934, the school served students in grades 7-12 until 1967 when a new high school was built. The original building then became known as the Middle School & served students in grades 6-8 thereafter. The…
Indian Hill Indian encampment when whites entered region. Grandparents of Frances E. Willard settled here 1816 as pioneers on this land.
1835 House Home of Benjamin Campbell, merchant-miller; later of Frederick Whittlesey, jurist. Headquarters, Landmark Society
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Circa 1853
Susan B. Anthony 1820-1906 Leader in the movement for women's political, social, economic, and education rights. Proposed the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution.
Site of Home of Alexander Milliner, drummer boy in bodyguard of George Washington. Later, soldier in Revolutionary War.
Sodoma Farms Beginning in 1918, three generations of the Sodoma Family, led by Andrew, Robert D., John, Robert J., Robert A., and Michael, produced fruit and vegetables in this area for 97 consecutive years.
Erected in 1844. Oldest house of worship now standing in Parma. Post-and-beam construction. Built entirely by labor of members of First Presbyterian Society of Parma. Organized March 24, 1829. Its 13 charter members included State Senator John E. …
Webster Baptist Church Organnized - 1830, built - 1857 memorial windows - 1902 education wing - 1957 tower clock - 1983 national land mark - 1991
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