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Henry R. Selden 1805-1885 Lieut. Gov. and judge lived here. George B. Selden inventor of "Selden Patent" for automobiles was born here
Clarkson Established April 2, 1819 as part of Murray; named for General Matthew Clarkson, early land owner and Brigidier General, New York State Militia. Clarkson Congregational Church oldest rural church structure in Monroe County, built 1825.
Hannan Homestead occupied since 1810 by Hannan family. James Hannan, pioneer and 1812 soldier; son and grandson Perinton Supervisors.
This Roll Coating Wheel represents the beginnings of the acetate film maufacturing process for the Eastman Kodak Company. The acetate base is cast onto the wheel surface, cures enough to be stripped off after one revolution, and is conveyed throu…
Former underground railroad station, owner Dave Richardson was known by Blacks for his booming voice, 250 lb, 6 ft frame. City of Rochester 1834-1984
Where the Lake Turns Aside. This is the meaning of the Native American word from which the name Irondequoit was derived. Native people used the bay for access to the lake. Explorers hoped that it led to China. For early traders and merchants it be…
King's Landing 1796 First white settlement and lake port west of the Genesee River. Founded by Gideon King and Zadock Granger, Revolutionary soldiers, five log houses and a blacksmith shop were erected nearby on Landing Road with a warehouse and w…
First known as West Pulteney after Sir William Pulteney, Bath, England. Early land owner: renamed in honor of Riga, Latvia on April 8, 1808 Berkshire, Mass. Pioneers included Richard, Elihu and Samuel Church, who gave their name to Churchville Vi…
West of Genesee River built 1700 feet due south, home of "Indian" Allen, 1786, and Peter Sheffer, settler, 1789
Nursery Office Designed by A.J. Davis in the Gothic style, 1855 for Ellwanger and Barry, the nurserymen who made Rochester the Flower City.
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