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Settled by John and Daniel Day. Named for the Earl of Chatham William Pitt. Washington often visited troops here.
Scene of Washington's headquarters and massing of Continental troops prior to march on Yorktown August 27 - 29, 1781
A part of Washington's army crossed the Passaic River at this point. then known as Day's Bridge on June 23, 1780. The troops continued their journey and fought against the British at the Battle of Springfield.
John Jacob Faesch fromSwitzerland built ironworks here, 1772. He madeordnance for Washington'sArmy. Furnace closed, 1825.
Lest We Forget Those Who Answered Their Country's Call In The World War 1917     1918
          Two hundred years ago, here at Andover Forge, and throughout the State of New Jersey, the Irish settlers, who formed one third of Washington's army, fulfilled their vision of freedom through their participation in the Revolutionary …
Peter Smith was a man of vision.   Knowing the Morris Canal was about to build a lock and an inclined plane at the Old Andover Forge site, Smith moved his family to the village and built a general store right on the canal. He and his extended fam…
"We arrived here the 14 Decr. Since which we have been imployed in Hutting . . [and] the weather is aceedingly cold and the snow two feet deep on a level . . . "Captain William Allen, Angell's Rhode Island Regiment, January 4, 1780On De…
Americans began to commemorate their past by erecting monuments at the end of the 19th century. Monuments started to appear on the old campgrounds of Washington's army, long before the 1933 establishment of Morristown National Historical Park.Emor…
"December 19, 1779 - For two weeks we have been very diligently employed in building our Hutts. The weather has been rather against us, but we have got our buildings almost finished and find 'em very comfortable - so that barring accidents I…
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