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Milly Francis was the daughter of the Creek chief Hillis Hadjo during the Florida War 1817. Fifteen-year-old Milly by her plea saved the life of a young white officer Duncan McKrimmon, whom they were about to kill. She later declined his offer of …
1921 Tulsa Race Riot Survivor
Btry B 171st FA BN World War II Btry C 160th FA BN Korean War Haskell, Oklahoma
Dedicated to the men and women of Haskell who served their country with honor In Memoriam 1917 - 1918 Toll Donaghe 1941 - 1945 Raymond Harmon · Lee Elliott, Jr. Tommie Riddle · Arthur Miller Joe S. Ferguson · …
Toll Donaghe · WW I · 1918 Lee Elliott · WW II · 1943 Donaghe - Elliott Post 56 Haskell Oklahoma Chartered 1934 Honoring All American Veterans In times of trouble and of war God and the Soldier we all…
Battery E 160th Field Artillery Mobilized 45th Infantry Division 24 September 1940 [Honor Roll of Veterans] Battery C 160th Field Artillery Mobilized 45th Infantry Division 1 September 1950 [Honor Roll of Veterans]
[Honor Roll of Veterans] (back) The Town of Haskell This memorial testifies to future generations our everlasting appreciation for all Korean War Veterans. Some gave much, others gave all. Yours was a much appreciated gift we can only hope …
(East Elevation) Erected in commemoration of members of the Five Civilized Tribes, whose record of enlistment, conduct in camp, and fortitude and valor on the battlefield, added lustre to the triumphant victory of our country in the World …
Iron Sculpture by John Carson, Muskogee Artist Contributed by Marie White Rhodes in Commemoration of Dr. John Hutchings White pioneer Physician and Surgeon who emigrated from Virginia to Indian Territory in 1902 to work among the Indian…
This stone intended for Washington Monument Preserved by A.C. Trumbo ————————— [Capstone reads] 1932 George Washington Bicentennial Erected in Memory Garden by Lions Club