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Oyster Bay was occupied by the British from 1776-1783. Due to the close proximity to their fort, the Loyalist Queen's Rangers occupied the residence during the winter of 1778-1779. Revolutionary War Heritage Trail
From 1776 to 1783, this house was used as headquarters for the Loyalist Queen's Rangers. It was the home of Robert Townsend, a spy for General Washington. Revolutionary War Heritage Trail
Built 1740; Used by Britishas Col. Simcoe's Hdqts; Informationfrom here lead to Major Andre'scapture after his visits; Home ofRobert Townsend, Washington Spy.
Here George Fox, 1672, metwith Wrights, Underhill andFeeke at Quaker Gathering.
Occupied byColonel Simcoe'sQueen Rangers ? 1779-81.
George Washingtonrested here onApril 23/24, 1790while on hisLong Island tour.
Home ofTheodore RooseveltGovernor of New YorkPresident of United States
This stone is from the grave ofQuentin RooseveltYoungest son ofTheodore and Edith Kermit Rooseveltwho was killed in aerial combat in Franceon July 14, 1918and was buried where he fell near Chamery. His body was moved in 1955 to the Normandy Americ…
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