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Dedicated to Francis Cardinal Spellman for his life of service to God and country and to men of every race, creed, and color in times of peace and war, and especially for his personal visitations to America's fighting men throughout the wo…
This monument is dedicated to the memory of all those who served their country in the United States Submarine Service and to those who made the supreme sacrifice to preserve American Freedom. Their legacy will live on in future generatio…
U.S. Navy submarines paid heavily for their success in World War II. A total of 374 officers and 3131 men are on board these 52 U.S. submarines still on "patrol." Albacore · Amberjack · Argonaut · Barbel &midd…
American paratroopers - Devils in Baggy Pants - pop up from nowhere and we never know how they strike next. Seems like they're everywhere. Extract from Dead Enemy Officer's Diary Dedicated to the memory of all paratroopers and glidermen. Their…
Dedicated to the memory of The Tuskegee Airmen 761st Tank Battalion The Buffalo Soldiers In grateful tribute to all those Black servicemen and women who served so honorably and valiantly in all of America's wars from the Revolutionary …
Famous 'Bring'em back alive' 20 acre jungle camp 1934 to ca. 44. WWII small arms defense factory ca. 45. Grimaldi's kiddie park petting zoo 1951 to 65
In Memory of The Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Ardennes Campaign World War II Dec. 16, 1944 - Jan. 25, 1945 Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Long Island Chapter
Circa 1850 country home of wealthy N.Y.C. Entrepreneur James Meinell, became noted turn of the century hotel. A landmark until razed in 1964.
[Top (Torah)panel:] Dedicated to our comrades of the Jewish faith who have patriotically fought in all our country's battles with honor and valor for our greatest gift Liberty and Shalom [Front panel:] Jewish War Veterans in the U.S.…
In Memory of All Catholic War Veterans
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