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This tribute is dedicatedto those veteranswho gavethe supreme sacrificeduring the "Korean War"1950 - 1954 ( Lower Marker : )Bernard HalloranRichard NeillandsAnthony PanettaJohn Truskiewicz
In honor of the members ofLocal Union No. 1093who served their country inthe World War 1914 - 1918 Adam Donaldson · Frank S. Boday · Louis Myers · Edw. Nordstrom · Frank Hoebich · Everett Wicks · Patric…
This tribute is dedicatedto those veteranswho gavethe supreme sacrificeduring the "Vietnam War"1959 - 1975 ( Lower Marker : )Francis AndrysiakFrancis ArnettRichard BrownCharles JohnsonJohn McCarthyRichard MitchellWilliam MorseDennis Murray
Tribute tothose Polish AmericanFreedom Fighterswho made the supreme sacrificein First and Second World Wars Polish American War VeteransofGlen Cove and vicinity, inc.* 1982 *
A tributeto the men of Glen Covewho gave their lives in theservice of their country in thearmed forces of the United Statesin World War IIDecember 7, 1941 ? ? ?? ? August 14, 1945 Abate, Victor · Becker, Valentine · Bessel, Solomo…
Dedicated to theGlen Cove menwho gave their livesin the First World War William Henry Albin · Harvey Brewster · John J. Butler · Luigi Capobianco · Earl Clinton Chadwick · Samuel Dawson · James Erwin Do…
Medal of HonorSeige of Peking1900 Medal of HonorHaitian Rebellion1915 Navy Cross ? 1918 Distinguished Service Cross ? 1918 A native of Glen Cove, Dan Daly will live forever as a hero, a legend, a two time Medal of Honor winner and as a…
In memory ofJohn E. MillerPrivate - 2nd New York CalvaryBorn Glen Cove, New York 1841Died Andersonville Prison, Georgia1864
( Left Plaque : )National Society Colonial DamesXVII CenturyLong Island ChapterCommends the preservation ofOld Grace Church Historic ComplexBurial site of first colonial settlersMajor Thomas Jones (d. 1713)and wife Freelove Townsend (d. 1726)May 2…
In tribute to allveteranswho served theUnited States ofAmerica
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