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The state of North Carolina to relieve a wartime scarcity, operated salt works from here to Myrtle Grove Sound, 1861-64.
Admiral, U.S. Navy. Received Congressional recognition for service in War with Spain, at Vera Cruz; and in World War I. Home is 4 mi. E.
Confederate Senator, 1862-64, and Attorney General, 1864-65. Birthplace stood 3 mi. east.
Edited black-owned Daily Record four blocks east. Mob burned his office, Nov. 10, 1898, leading to "race riot" & restrictions on black voting in N.C.
USS North Carolina-World War II battleship. Launched, June 13, 1940. Served in Pacific. 1942-1945. Decommissioned 1947. Berthed here 1961
In this buildingGeorge Washingtonwas entertainedApril 25, 1791.Here also Henry Claywas a guest April 9, 1844.New Hanover Historical CommissionA.J. Howell E.S. MartinJames Sprunt W.A. McGirt
The U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship Memorial commemorates the heroic participation of the men and women of North Carolina in the prosecution and victory of the Second World War, and perpetuates the memory of the more than ten thousand North Carol…
Roman Catholic priest, pioneer Home Missionary of N.C. Co-founder of "Maryknoll Fathers," a foreign mission society. Birthplace (1860) one block east.
Thousands of Civil War soldiers, including many held in Confederate prison at Salisbury, were exchange here, Feb. 26-Mar 4, 1865.
One of the few drawbridges in the American colonies was built near here by Benjamin Heron about 1768. Destroyed by British troops, 1781.
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