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Acting governor, 1771; thrice Chief Justice, 1750-1766; President of the Council. Owned large library. Home 7 mi. S.E.
President of the United States, 1913-1921. His home, 1874-1882, was the Presbyterian manse, which stood one block E.
For the elderly. Grew from Ladies Benevolent Society, founded, 1845. First home, 1879, stood four blocks east.
Historian, preservationist, journalist, photographer. Director, Chamber of Commerce. A founder of Lower Cape Fear Historical Society. Chairman, New Hanover County Historical Commission. Member of area's pioneer family. His pictures & records in Co…
First Masonic lodge in North Carolina. Est. in 1754. Building erected 1804, used until 1825, is one block west.
Architect of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington and many other public structures. Home is here, grave, Oakdale Cemetery.
Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, 1886-1921. Installed as vicar apostolic of North Carolina (1868-72) at St. Thomas Church ½ bl. W.
First chaplain of U.S. Military Academy, West Point, 1813-1817; president William and Mary College; rector St. James Church. Grave ? mi. N.E.
President Washington was a guest Apr. 24-25, 1791, at the Quince home which stood 2 blocks W.
This building wasoccupied by LordCharles Cornwallis,Commander in Chief ofthe British army,in April, 1781.In the basement wasa military prison. New Hanover Historical Commission.A.J. Howell. E.S. MartinJames Sprunt. W.A. McGirt
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