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In This Vicinity Stood The Fortified House of Ensign Stanley Into Which the Colonists Fled From Unfriendly Indians 1700. The Clark Tavern Which Was Repeatedly Occupied By Detachments of Revolutionary War Soldiers And The Academy, 1784. O…
The present settlement of Waterbury was made on land in this region. The original settlement known as Town Plot was abandoned during King Philip's War and the town site was moved to this location in 1677. The Mattatuck Historical Society 1935
Cristoforo Colombo 1451 — 1506 Discoverer of America October 12, 1492
The butterfly garden was planted to attract butterflies and birds to the park, and to provide these animals with a reliable source of food. Spend some time here when the flowers are in bloom and see who stops by for a visit. Monarch Migration …
The Effect of Human Actives on Long Island Sound Humans have inhabited the shores of Long Island Sound for thousands of years. Before European settlement, many Native American tribes lived along the Sound. Now more than 20 million people live wi…
The Long Island Sound, including New Haven Harbor, is an estuary — a place where fresh and salt water meet. Estuaries provide many animals with a protected home to lay eggs and serve as a nursery for the young, a place to find food, and a hi…
A Birdwatcher's Dream You're standing at one of the best hawk-watching sites in New England. Every autumn birds of prey from Northern New England and Canada migrate south in a broad band across New England. Because theses birds don't like to f…
The Naugatuck River abounded with runs of migratory (diadromous) fish prior to the arrival of European colonists. These fish runs had been an important food source for Native Peoples for centuries and this exact spot — at the foot of a gorge…
In Honor Of Those Who Served During The Korean War From The Greater New Haven Area 25 June 1950   27 July 1953 Forgotten War Forgotten No More Freedom Is Not Free
In Recogition Of Their Service In The War Against Terrorism 1st Battalion 102d Infantry Serving the New Haven area since 1638 These gave their lives defending our freedom May God bless them Sgt Felix Delgreco, 9 April 2004 Spc Robert Hoyt, 1…
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