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(Side One) German Jews immigrated to the U.S. in greater numbers starting in the 1850s. In the 1860s, Ligonier's Jewish residents formed the congregation Ahavath Sholom (Hebrew for "peace loving") and circa 1867, built a small synagogue nearby. T…
This schoolhouse represents a commitment to education that began early in the settlement of Indiana.The 1915 Stanley Schoolhouse, named after a nearby landowner Henry Stanley, was one of several schoolhouses built on the site. The first was a log …
Dedicated: September 1889Last Jewish Service was heldin 1954   The Ligonier Historical Society held a ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Jewish temple, and rededicated it as the Ligonier Historical…
The railroad came to Ligonier in 1858 and was then called the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad. Later the New York Central purchased the railroad line and a new depot for passenger service was built. The yard surrounding the depot w…
Born in Austria. Came to Ligonier in 1917 as a Jewish peddler, selling a variety of used items including car parts. He opened an auto dealership of Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile until 1955 when son Joseph took over the business.
Came to Ligonier as a Jewish peddler in 1854. He became a banker, realtor, retailer, carriage and auto manufacturer. His care was named the Mier Runabout. He established the Banking House of Solomon Mier at 310 S. Cavin Street.
Came to Ligonier as a Jewish peddler in 1854. He became a retailer, buggy manufacturer, a banker and realtor. He was known as a fair and honest man. His buggy factory known as the Ligonier Carriage Co. was in the Essex Wire building that was torn …
Born in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. He purchased 80 acres of ground along the river for 75 silver dollars. He platted the town of Ligonier in 1835. The beautiful Seth Thomas clock was donated to the city by John Cavin in memory of his father.
Lakeview CemeteryEstablished 1867 A Historic Cemetery Listed in Indiana's Cemetery and Burial Grounds Registry of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Installed 2008 Indiana Historical Bureauand City of Kendallville
(Front Side)Best-selling author, Stratton-Porter (1863-1924) aimed to inspire appreciation of nature in readers. Lived and worked at Limberlost Cabin, Geneva, then Wildflower Woods, here. Wrote for magazines such as Outing and Ladies' Home Journal…