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Northampton County, formed in 1741, was served by other courthouses on this site prior to construction of this building in 1858. At the time Samuel Calvert oversaw the project; Henry King Burgwyn has been credited as architect. Resting atop a high…
Brigadier General during the Revolution, member of Provincial Congress and of Continental Congress. Site of home, Mt. Gallant, ? mi. S.W.
Pastor Sandy Run Baptist Church, 1773-1807. A founder & historian, Kehukee Baptist Assn.; member N.C. convention, 1788. Grave 300 yds. E.
Colonel U.S. Air Force, World War II. Pioneer in developing automatic devices for airplane control. Home 150 yds. W.
Born in Rich Square, General Boomer was Commanding General, Marine Central Command and First Marine Expeditionary force during Persian Gulf War 1990-91. Defended Saudia Arabia then led 90,00 Marines in battle to liberate Kuwait and to defeat the i…
On July 28, 1863, Union Col. Samuel P. Spear's cavalrymen came thundering through Jackson from Federal-occupied Winton to destroy the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad Bridge over the Roanoke River at Weldon. Confederate Gen. Matt W. Ransom and his s…
Attorney-General of Confederacy, Governor of N.C. 1855-59, U.S. Senator. Home stands one block north.
"Boy" Colonel 26th N.C. Regt. Killed at age 21 at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863. Home stood 4 miles south.
Here on July 28, 1863, a Confederate force repulsed a Union march on the vital Wilmington and Weldon Railroad. Breastworks 50 yds. S.W.
Foundation sire of American Thoroughbred race horses, including Timoleon, Boston, Lexington, & Man O'War. Died at Mowfield, one mile north, in 1833.