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In 1701, here, John Scull operated a trading post. He was the first known Englishman to visit the Indian village of "Shamokin" and was here as late as 1729. On October 17, 1750 Thomas and Richard Penn executed a deed for this land, including in ex…
Line Mountain, established 8/22/1749 by treaty negotiated by Conrad Weiser and Canassatego, Chief of the Onondaga Indians, extended from the Susquehanna to the Delaware River, and was the northern boundary of the province of PA. for almost 20 year…
Laid out 1772 as the county seat of Northumberland on the site of Indian Shamokin by surveyor-General Lukens and William Maclay. Borough incorporation Mar. 24, 1797. Here Fort Augusta was built in 1756. Historic center of travel, trade and industry.
Opened Sunbury to Paxinos in 1835, operated on wood rails by horsepower. Steam locomotive first used in 1838; and iron rails, 1853. The terminal was nearby; here anthracite was loaded on canal boats for shipment to Philadelphia, Baltimore.
Lived in the house opposite 1773-86, and then moved to Harrisburg. Member of the first U.S. Senate; wrote a famous Journal of its debates. A critic of Washington and Hamilton; pioneer leader of Jeffersonian democracy. He helped survey Sunbury, 1772.
Erected as a memorialtoShikellamy, also Swataney, "Our Enlightener,"the Representative of the Six Nationsin this province.First sent to Shamokin (Sunbury) in 1728;appointed vicegerent in 1745. Died Dec. 6, 1758;He was buried near this spot.This di…
If you stand on this spot and look across the Susquehanna River toward the bridge on the right, you can see the face of Chief Shikellamy profiled in the cliff above the opposite shore. Visible are his hairline, forehead and nose. In colonial times…
Oneida chief and overseer or vice-regent of the Six Nations asserting Iroquois domination over conquered Delaware and other tribes. He lived at Shamokin Indian town, Sunbury, from about 1728 until his death, 1748. Said to be buried near here.
The Sullivan ExpeditionAgainstThe Iroquois Indians1779Fort AugustaFirst selected as rendezvousfor the Sullivan ExpeditionLt. Col. Adam Hubley's Commandthe only Regiment quartered hereto march against the Six Nations
Recruited from nearby points in June 1775, Lowdon's Company was part of the first battalion in the colonies authorized by Congress. Among those who entered Continental service in this company was Timothy Murphy, whose many feats of marksmanship we…