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Built in 1756-57 by Cols. Burd and Clapham and the key frontier outpost of the region. Mansion built 1852.
First successful use of a three-wire electric lighting system was made July 4, 1883, in the City Hotel building in Sunbury. Thomas A. Edison directed the work. The Edison Electric Illuminating Co. plant was at 4th and Vine Street.
The North Branch and West Branch Divisions, built 1828-34, joined here in Northumberland at a canal basin. Boats with coal from Nanticke or lumber from Williamsport locked down into the river nearby and re-entered the Canal on the west bank.
US Army officer; he rose to lieutenant general, 1955. Military tactician & strategist of airborne operations and limited wars. In World War II a paratrooper, regimental & division commander, 82nd Airborne Division; was in Sicily, Salerno, Normandy…