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(Front) The unfinished railroad tunnel cut into the SE face of Stumphouse Mtn. is the largest of three begun before the Civil War by the Blue Ridge Rail Road, for a line from Anderson, S.C., to Knoxville, Tenn. Work began in late 1853. About 1,500…
To Honor All CombatInfantrymenWe were boys and we were youngWe became men on that hill we overrunSome of us lived, many of us diedFor a moment with us abideAnd join in prayer with meTo honor those of the combat infantry.The Combat Infantrymen'sAss…
Located along the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the history of Oconee County dates back to when the area was predominately inhabited by the Cherokee. Following the American Revolution, and after settlement increased in South Carolina's Upst…
This building, constructed in 1905, was the law office of "Colonel" Robert Thompson Jaynes from 1905 until he retired in 1950. "Colonel Bob" began his practice of law in 1885. His most notable case was Hopkins vs. Clemson College, a case which …
West Union Grammar SchoolWest Union Graded School, also known as West Union Grammar School or West Union Elementary School, was built here in 1923-24. In 1922, trustees purchased 4 acres from Marvin Phinney for a new school to replace an earlier f…
Erected by members ofthe Cleveland family inS.C., Ga., & Tenn. in honor ofCol. Benjamin Clevelanda hero of the Revolutionfor American Independenceand one of the commandersin the Battle of King'sMountain.1738 - 1806
1918Worldwide Flu EpidemicMarker Erectedin Loving Memory ofElla Nunley & Eli Whitney Stanton byTheir Daughter Marcie S. Simmons
Dedicated toWorld WarVeterans
Top EngravingOur Soldier BoysErnest WhitworthM.A. BeardenA.M. DornJ.O. JohnsW.B. DillardW.T. McCordyH.L. EvansB.H. GilliamH.D. BreazealeF.K. BreazealeJ.P. Dendy, Jr.Roy Stribling *D.A. McMillanDr. W.C. MarettBruner DanrzlerDr. F.T. SimpsonW.N. Dal…
DedicatedtoConfederate Soldiers