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Erected A.D.1807, and liberally endowed by Francis Meson. Deceased on the 8th of September, 1806. 1806 —— 1897. Meson Academy Trustees. Dr. W. Z. Faust, Chairman. Wm. Gottheimer, Sect. & Treas. Hamilton McWhorter, Geo. C…
In God We Trust V Marine Corps Seal, Navy Seal, Coast Guard Seal, Air Force Seal, Army Seal In Honor of the Veterans of Oglethorpe County
Dedicated to those who served 1776-1976
Front Oglethorpe Veterans Reverse Lest We Forget
Oglethorpe, the fifth county created in Georgia, Dec. 19, 1793 was named for James Edward Oglethorpe, founder and first governor of Georgia. Born in London, Dec. 22, 1696, Oglethorpe started his early life in Godalming, England. He was a philant…
U S Senator Secretary of the Treasury Ambassador to France 1772 - 1834
Built by W.W. King in 1885, Watson Mill Bridge is Georgia's longest existing covered bridge. Of the Town lattice type it has four spans and is 236 feet long.Covered primarily to protect the structural timbers, the bridge served local traffic, the …
George Mathews born in Va. in 1739, of Irish descent, lived in this area then known as "Goose Pond" from 1785. His home since burned. He won distinction fighting Indians in the N.W. Ter. and in 1775 became a Col. serving under Washington at Brandy…
In 1785, following the Revolutionary War, pioneers from North Carolina—including the Hendons, Hartsfields, Standifers, Johnsons, Lawrences, and Olives—settled near Big Cloud's Creek on the Georgia frontier near the Creek and Cherokee n…
Francis Meson (1761-1806), an Irishman and "wandering schoolteacher," became a rich merchant in Lexington. He bequeathed $8,000.00 for an academy building and valuable property for an endowment, "the income to be used forever for the benefit of th…