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Captain David Payne and his Boomers defied federal authorities to attempt settlement in the Unassigned Lands. From the 1830s onward, most of present-day Oklahoma was reserved for Native Americans who had been forcibly relocated from their ances…
To Honor All Veterans who have or are now serving our country for the preservation of peace In God We Trust
Near here, 1832, Washington Irving hunted wild horses, an exciting event described in his book on his Oklahoma tour as "Ringing the Wild Horse." In party were H. L. Ellsworth, U.S. Comm., Chas. J. Latrobe, English writer, and Swiss County, Albert …
The Washington Irving party and a troop of U.S. Rangers encamped on this spot, Oct. 24, 1832
At the opening of "Old Oklahoma" April 22, 1889, this was the East Line for the Run starting at 12 o'clock noon. Prairies and hills in the 2,000,000 acre tract, west, were peopled by tens of thousands, homes were planted and tent cities sprang up …
This outdoor toilet, often referred to as outhouse or privy, was originally behind the Bright Day Lodge on Main Street. In earlier days this was an essential structure for every business and home. On Halloween night in Arcadia these buildings were…
Built in April 1898 by William Odor on his farm. Restored in 1992 by Luke Robinson [sic - Robison], community workers and local businesses. Recognized by Hampton Hotels Save-A-Landmark program as a site worth seeing
Officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places March 3, 1980 Built - 1916-1917 Druggist - Thomas H. Tuton Registered Pharmacist - Ethel Rogers Tuton
It is with Love and Appreciation we the Society Dedicate this Historical Round Barn to Luke and Anna Robison For without Their Tireless Efforts and Complete Devotion, this Historical Landmark could not have been saved Thank You Luke and …
It is with Love, Admiration, Affection, and in their Loving Memory We the Children of Frank and Katie Vrana Give this Historic Round Barn to the Arcadia Historical and Preservation Society, Inc. April 26, 1998 Mary Francis Crown Emil…