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[Title is text] ——————————————————— [Just for fun] Coleman's provides the one and only Leprechaun Entrance in existence. Rumor …
the Boyne head features the date "1690" - the year of the Battle of the Boyne when the Catholic King James was defeated by King William (Billy) of Orange. The river rises in County Westmeath, touches County Offaly, flows into County Meath through…
the Liffey is the only female head and occupies the place of honour facing onto the quays and the river. The face is crowned by flowers and fruits and superimposed by a trident representing the city's powers over the waters of Dublin Bay and the I…
the greatest of Irish rivers - the lordly Shannon - features oak leaves and acorns, themselves symbols of strength and nobility. The trident represents Limerick City's sovereignty over the mighty Estuary. The river rises in [C]ounty [C]avan and fl…
the head representing the Atlantic Ocean features Neptune's trident upholding a crescent shaped moon, indicative of the relationship between the moon and the tides. To one side is the compass chart and to the other is the compass box top bearing t…
Home Of Harriet May Mills, Pres. Of N.Y. Woman Sufferage Assoc. 1st Woman to Run For Sec. Of State (1920) Founder Of On. Cty. Women's Democ. Club
1847 Enlarged Erie Canal Replaced Jordan Village Lock Expanded to Double Lock 1884 Locks Lengthened Power Winch Used to Lock
Named For Peter Pool Who Built Saw Mill On This Site ca. 1815. Pool's Store Served Those Traveling Erie Canal.
Near This Site First Log Cabin In the Town of Elbridge Built by Josiah Buck 1793
Installed circa 1874 Spafford Union Meeting House 1838-1976