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Historic Ridge Road Genesee to Niagara —————————— Home of John Proctor who on horse during a December night in 1813 warned the settlers along the Ridge Road from here to Clarkson of the a…
1732 1799 To honro and commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of George Washington and the men who fought in the American Revolution and sleep in the Town of Murray. Robinson Smith, Life Guard of Washington Asa Clark, the courier who carri…
Our Honored Dead World War I Ernest Harris Howard Houseman John Lyell Potter World War 2 Herbert Tanner Oliver McCanty Homer M. Pringle Harry G. Cooper Newell C. Breed George F. Staller Charles B. Squire Gordan MacMillan Elton H. Reimer Robert F.…
275 ft. long built 1850 by Nathan Gilbert used to ship lumber & grain H.A. Botsford customs agent passenger ships & freighters docked
Known most commonly as White's Hotel, this building has had several different names throughout its history. Built by Botsford Fairman back in 1834, Fairman's Arcade housed a grocery, a bank, an insurance office and more. In 1869, it was sold to Jo…
Five Mile House Later known as Ball's Tavern. Built in 1816 by John Huff. Here the mail carriers between Canandaigua and Lewiston used to stop over night.
Est. 1871 Millville Cemetery Early Quaker burial ground 1875 vault and stonewall built of Medina sandstone. Chapel built 1894.
Clarendon honors its veterans and those who gave their lives in the service of their country. In the glory of their youth we shall remember them.
Carl E. Akeley Born here in 1864. Noted taxidermist, naturalist, inventor, sculptor, author. Died and buied in his beloved Africa in 1926.
In memory of all those servicemen who made the supreme sacrifice in World War I World War II Korea Lebanon Grenada Panama Persian Gulf
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