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Once a resident of Albion and later manufacturer of Pullman R.R. cars, built this church in 1894 to the memory of his parents.
Journalist, Terry AndersonGrew up in this neighborhood during the 1950's. He was taken hostage in 1985 by Middle East terrorists and held prisoner 2545 days.
100 years ago, Italian immigrants first settled here. This was Holley's "Little Italy," a rich part of our American heritage.Dedicated October 12 1992
Solomon Bragg with son Nathan were first settlers west of Barre Center. Blazed forest trail to this place where they built a cabin in 1818
Gravesite of Rev. Marvin V. Frey (1918-1992), composer of Kum Ba Yah; He is Lord; Peace Like a River; Isn't He Wonderful; Alleluia.
Branch of Grand CentralTrail extending fromBatavia to Lake OntarioKnown by pioneers asthe Oak Orchard Trail
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