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Built in 1864 by Don C. Bent and served as the social center of the village and surrounding area until the early 20th century. At that time the third floor opera house was abandoned. The second floor remained home to a fraternal organization until…
[south side]Frederick Douglass abolitionist and statesman spoke in the Methodist Episcopal church that stood at this place, April 3, 1849 during an extended visit to Orleans County.[north side]Frederick Douglass delivered a renowned address in Me…
Let it be known to all who read this: On this site circa 1919 Alonzo L. Waters (Publisher & Editor 1919-1980) began the Journal-Register newspaper. Mr Waters and his son, Robert F. Waters (Publisher Emertius), promoted the daily activities of this…
Fishing For Food, Not Fun! For more than 800 years the opposite bank was the scene of bustling spring and summer activity by Native Americans. Fish were netted from Oak Orchard River, and processed over firepits and drying racks. The fish prepared…
Neuter Fort Occupied in 14th century by Neuter Indians. Only double palisaded fort in New York State. Destroyed by Iroquois 1650.
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
In memory of the men who fell in defence of the Union. Orleans County, 1861 - 1865.
[east side] Welcome to the Canalway Trail System, offering hundreds of miles of scenic trails and numerous parks for walking, bicycling, cross country skiing and other recreational activities. The Canalway Trail parallels the New York State Canal …
The first and only road culvert ever built under the Erie Canal passes directly below here. The culvert was built in 1823 during construction of Clinton's Ditch. Its cornerstone, which still exists, is part of the foundation of the Vernon Toussain…
Only road under the Erie Canal in Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Culvert built in 1823.
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