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The last blacksmith shop in Orleans County stood near this site. It was owned by John W. Cielewich (1894-1977), in whose memory this plaque is dedicated. The property was presented to the Village of Medina by his family.
Citation: Lieutenant Butts heroically led his platoon against the enemy in Normandy, France, on 14, 16, and 23 June 1944. Despite being painfully wounded on the 14th near Orglandes and again on the 16th while spearheading an attack to establish a …
Charles Stielow Nearly executed following a 1915 double murder that occured here, he was later exonerated through forensics in a famous case.
S/N The Sloopers First Norwegian Settlement in America in modern times Made by Cleng Peerson and 50 immigrants from the sloop "Restoration", 1825
On this site, Cleng Peerson agent for the first Norwegians in America who settled in Kendall in 1825, built log home, cellar wall remains
Built by Godfrey Tarbox. Greek revival style. Six-sided rooms with triangle closets. Frieze windows. In 1981 owned by Baun Family.
Used first by Indians later by early pioneers The Oak Orchard Trail from Batavia to Ontario crossed the creek here
British captain & troops vanquished from Oak Orchard -Marsh Creek due to settlers lead by widow Bathshua Brown 1755-1826
[left side] Historic District At left: Cobblestone house built in 1842 with field or glaciated stones in the Gaines pattern also known as depressed hexagonal. Mason - John Simmons. [right side] Historic District At right: Cobblestone house built i…
Was used until 1952. Made of lake-washed stone it is one of over 900 cobblestone masonry buildings built in N.Y. State from 1825 to 1860. Marker in memoriam Elwood Lawrence, Teacher, 1951-52
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