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March 3, 1807 this land was chosen by the first settler in the town of Gaines, 8 on Ridge Rd in Orleans County, Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert
Built for public worship on Ridge Road between Niagara and Genesee Rivers north of Batavia Erected in 1824
Between the Niagara and Genesee. Built in 1825. Incorporated in 1827 Admitted to the Regents of State of N. Y. in 1830
Ingenious use of local materials gave rise to a home-grown Seaway Trail architectural style. Cobblestone construction was perfected by local masons between the opening of the Erie Canal and the Civil War. Local farmers had access to the stone, oxe…
1st in Orleans County in which revolutionary soldiers John Anderson - David Bullard and many pioneers are buried First burial in 1812
Crossroads - Oak Orchard Rd. Batavia to Oak Orchard Creek surveyed 1803 and Ontario Trail known as The Ridge. Rochester to Lewiston improved in 1814
"I sing of the great Ridge Road, Of the highway our children shall see That lies like a belt on Ontario's shore Carved out in wisdom of ages before For the races that yet are to be." TREK—DE WITT CLINTON—1810 "In the great work of inte…
Lieut. Gov. 1850-52 Comptroller of State 1857 Chief Judge Ct. of Appeals 1867-80
Charles W. Howard 1896-1966 In 1937 he established here a world famous Santa Claus school, the first of its kind & 1953 Christmas Park
This land, bought from Moses and Sarah Bacon in April 1835 served as a "burying ground" until Jan. 8, 1853 when the Cemetery Assoc. was formed. Lot 22 was for strangers. Last burial 1910
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