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250 people & 5 horses gathered here on a wooden bridge to watch a tightrope walker cross the canal. It collapsed killing 15 people
Main passage to the west Became NYS Barge Canal 1903 Newport (now Albion) grew at planned canal and Oak Orchard Road after 1821
Hitching posts were the parking spaces of the pre-automobile era, and Albion and the 14411 zip code still has many of them, perhaps more of these historic relics from the horse-and-buggy era than anywhere else. We have about 40 of the hitching pos…
St. John's Episcopal Church Organized in 1827 Building erected in 1832 "The church in the middle of the street"- Ripley
Born in 1828 in County Mayo, Ireland, Patrick O'Grady was well known for designing and building some of Medina's finest sandstone buildings. Among others, Medina's First Baptist Church and Bent's Opera House are credited to him. In 1863, the trans…
The means by which citizens fought fires in the early days of the village were primitive at best. Bucket brigades were the main means of fighting fires. Early village law required every homeowner to have two buckets located close to an outside doo…
Standing prominently on the corner of Main Street and Park Avenue, Medina's landmark sandstone City Hall welcomes all who enter the village's Historic Downtown District. Over one hundred years later, Medina remains a village, but "City Hall" endur…
In honor of our departed comrades in the World War 1917 - 1918
[facing west] John Ryan 1801-96 The first to establish a stone quarry business here in 1837 naming his product Medina Sandstone. (over)[facing east]Medina Sandstone Used for paving blocks, walks, curbs and in architecture. It was shipped on the Er…
Dedicated to all military veterans who have served unselfishly in the defense of our nation's freedom
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