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Andrew Downey McFee 1863- 1930 Big three ring circus owner wintered animals at home here. Pioneered moving circus with trucks.
1840-1904 D.A.A. Buck Home Inventor of the Waterbury watch and builder of the smallest steam engine in the world. Invented Medina's first clock, the "Monitor".
Founded 1841 by Peter Saxe for higher education. First year attendance 161. Incorporated 1842. Moved here 1847. Closed 1889.
Academy 1832. Quaker Meeting House 1841. Methodist Church 1834. Congregational Church 1870. General Store 1819.
First Post Office opened 1846. Incorporated in 1903. Fire company organized in 1906. Public water line from Lake Ontario 1924.
Consider Peabody 1817 Became part of William Gray foundry torn down 1952 for park. Flaghorse collars were made nearby.
1824 - George Anthony - 1896Capt. 17th Orleans BatteryDuration of Civil War.Newspaperman Cousin Susan B.Kansas Governor 1877-79
Bravery - Honor - Death Rolland B. Shubbuck USAFRoger J. Cook USMCChales L. Seefeldt, Jr., USALeRoy H. Keller USMCNicholas A. Natale USAJohn E. Albanese, Jr. USAFGeorge M. Underdown USA
Lived here in the mid-1870's with her grandmother and attended Medina High School. In 1886, at age 21, she wed Pres. Grover Cleveland.
American Revolution soldiers John C. Ryan and Joseph A. Wyman are buried here along with many early pioneers of the Town of ShelbyFirst burial was 1814.
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