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Many Czech families, known locally as Bohemians, settled in the late 19th Century in the area of southwest Smith, northeast Rooks and northwest Osborne Counties. Interest soon developed to establish a Czech fraternal organization to strengthen t…
On 22 September 1943 a B-24D "Liberator" bomber srashedinto the hillside approximately four hunder yards west of this site amid inclement weather. That night eleven Army Air Force men lost their lives while in the service of their country. Let thi…
Last Indian Fight in Osborne County July 3, 1870 200 yds S of this spot near Bullock Bros Ranch
[Historical excerpts from marker] Osborne, Established 1871 (Side A)ArchitectureArchitectural Gems GaloreOsborne has two buildings listed on both the National Register of Historic Places. The Classic-styled Carnegie Research Library at 307 West…
A living memorial to the Veterans of Osborne County who served so valiantly in all wars, that you, who enjoy these facilities in peace, may pause for thought and meditation on the sacrifices they made to insure your right to do so. Land for par…
Dedicated to all veteranswho called Osborne CountyHome
has been placed on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior2001
Erected to the memory of those early settlers, of Osborne Co., who made possible our homes of today. Dedicated May 30, 1929.
On a ranch 18 miles southeast of this marker a bronze plate marks the most important spot on this continent to surveyors and map makers. Engraved in the bronze is a cross-mark and on the tiny point where the lines cross depend the surveys of a six…
Located two miles west and a mile north of Downs, on level ground between Dry and Twelve Mile Creeks is the site of the 1871 homestead of Henry Ise. In 1873, Henry married seventeen year old Rosa Haag of Holton, Kansas and brought her west to live…