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Built in 1860 by German immigrant William Zimmermann as his general store and residence. Soon became focal point of village community. Also served as post office and had one of the first telephones in the area.Aug. 2001
This building was constructed by Fred Linden, a local carpenter. It was operated by John Bublitz and his son Otto as a general store until it was sold in 1918 to another son Oscar. Much of the wood to build the village came from John's saw mill fr…
Built by Paul Gruenwald in 1927, the Chicago commercial style building featured a bowling alley, pool parlor and a tavern. Of the many owners, the Fetzer family ran it for 37 years as Joe and Elaine's. Remodeled in 2005 by new owners, Bob and Amy …
Henry Kolwey, an immigrant from the Duchy of Hanover (present day Germany), established a home on this site in 1857. According to the 1860 census, Kolwey, a master shoemaker, lived and worked here with his wife Anna, their four children, and four …
Her Saloon is superbly fitted and furnished and the accommodations for steerage passengers on the main deck are unsurpassed.Milwaukee SentinelMay 20, 1846 Between 1844-1857, "palace steamers" ruled Great Lakes transportation. About half of Euro…
Type: sidewheel "palace steamer"Built: 1846, Bidwell & Banta, Buffalo, N.Y.Sank: Sept. 24, 1856, burnedLength: 245'Beam: 33'Cargoes: passengers, package freightPropulsion: single-cylinder walking beam engine, sidewheelsDepth: 55' From 1844 to 1…
This fire engine house was built in 1929 on the site of an 1884 multi-purpose wooden fire house. Architect John Topzant of Milwaukee designed the Mediterranean Revival-style building with tan brick walls, a Spanish tile roof, and a campanile-like …
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Placesby the United States Department of the Interior
This property has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorPort Washington Light Station1860
The fire engine co. was organized in 1857 with John Thien as its captain. Volunteers had horse and hand drawn units in 1914. In 1956 the dept. was moved to larger quarters. The building continued as a community center, office and jail until 1974.
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