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Taught in this Goldenrod School September 7, 1891 to February 24, 1893 Married Lewis Elmer Miller May 4, 1898 Their second son was (Alton) Glenn Miller Born in Clarinda, Iowa March 1, 1904
This property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places
Originated in 1901 by Jessie Field Shambaugh
The greatest children's migration in the history of the United States took place during the seventy-five years from 1854-1929. Orphan and impoverished children were transported from the overcrowded eastern cities to the vast midwestern farmlands. …
"Everywhere in the country, for those who have learned to see and understand, are lessons which point toward the richness and strength of life." by Jessie Field Shambaugh These words are written in memory of "The Mother of 4-H" to honor her pion…
This 400 Acre Farm Given to Page County, Iowa November 29, 1991 "as a memorial to my father Allen Davison" Dedicated November 1, 1994
POW / MIA Duty · Honor · Sacrifice —————————— "America means freedom and there's no expression of freedom quite so sincere as music." Major Glenn Miller 1Lt Verno…
In 1901, as a country school teacher, Jessie Field created practical farm and home courses for her students as part of the regular curriculum. Later, as superintendent of Page County schools, she expanded these clubs and camps to include all rural…
In honor of the men from Shenandoah who died in World War II Don Barret · Albert Black · Grant N. Braden · Morris Carlson · Ernest W. Chase, Jr. · Larry B. Clancy · Clayton Croft · …
To honor all those who have fought in a foreign war Dedicated Nov. 11, 2014