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The site of the Revolutionary War era Pompton Mutiny which occurred in the cold harsh winter of 1781. It was in the eastern valley overlooking Bloomingdale that an encampment of weary troops mutinied. Consequently, their two ringleaders were arres…
This house, which is Wayne's oldest, was built in 1695 by Ardent Schuyler, one of the leaders of the original settlement. William Colfax, who married Hester Schuyler in 1783, gave the house the Colfax name.
This house is an example of 18th century architecture. The Schuyler and Colfax families were prominent in shaping New Jersey history.
This old Dutch home was built in 1769 by Samuel Van Saun. In 1780 it served as headquarters of Major General Marquis de Lafayette and his troops.
Washington's Headquarters Nov. 21, 1776 was situated about one hundred feet west of this tablet. The entrance to the old Revolutionary Bridge was nearly opposite this spot. Reset by the Acquackanock Landing Chapter D.A.R. 1930
Erected by Passaic City PostNo. 504 V.F.W.To honorGeneral John J. Pershingwho stood here May 30, 1924to review and address theWorld War veteransDedicated November 11, 1938
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