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Burgaw Station, a stop on the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad, was located on the rail line known as the "Lifeline of the Confederacy," Gen. Robert E. Lee main supply route for his Army of Northern Virginia by 1864. This rail line transpo…
Confederate breastworks were constructed in this vicinity in 1862 to protect Wilmington from an attack from the north and for coastal defense.
U.S. Navy successfully tested ram jet engines in rocket flights, 1946-48. Observation towers line Topsail Island; Assembly Building 2 blocks west.
Here stood the bridge of Revolutionary fame where 1000 Patriot's under Cols Richard Caswell and Alexander Lillington defeated 1600 loyalists led by Captain McLeod. Col James Moore commanded all the Patriots who embodied to oppose the loyalists und…
About 1730 a group of Welsh from the colony of Pennsylvania settled in this area, between the Northeast and Cape Fear Rivers.
First student to enter the University of North Carolina, 1795. Civil engineer, state legislator. Grave 300 yards east.
In honor of the Confederate Soldiers of Pender County. Major General William Dorsey Pender, Feb 6, 1834 - July 18, 1863. Let future generations remember that these were men whom death could not terrify, whom defeat could not dishonor. That trut…
A founder of State Medical Society, 1849, head of Confederate Hospital at Wilson, first president of the State Board of Health, 1879. Home stood here.
Named by Barbadian explorers, 1663. Home of Gov. George Burrington and Samuel Strudwick, colonial official. The house stood ? miles east.
Colonial governor; 1724-1725, 1731-1734; opened lower Cape Fear region to settlement. His home was ? miles east.