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Elbe Evangelische Lutherische Kirche. Elbe Lutheran Church. The Elbe Lutheran congregation was founded in 1893 by settlers from Germany. For the first 13 years, services were held in members' homes and the town hall. . . Elbe Evangelische Luthe…
Paradise Inn. . Advertised as a place "where the flowers and the glaciers meet," Paradise Inn opened on July 4, 1917. Here tourists arrived wearing long skirts and woolen traveling suits, "seeking a renewal of spirit in the vast world out-of-…
Ester Allstrum was a well respected Tacoma food inspector. National magazines recognized her as "the woman who has made Tacoma famous for its model food ordinance"
A teacher at Grant Elementary for 37 years, Miss Jones' teaching style was ahead of its time using imaginative art and exploration. She developed close relationships with her students.
Fannie Paddock moved from New York to Tacoma to build Tacoma's first hospital. Fannie died on her trip to Tacoma, but in 1882 the Fannie C. Paddock Memorial Hospital was dedicated.
Emma Smith Devoe moved to Tacoma in 1905. She was President of the Washington Equal Suffrage Association and worked constantly to win the women's right to vote.
Despite the attempted interference by her physician peers, Dr. Alice Maude Smith came to Tacoma from Chicago in 1898 where she built a successful practice.
In 1883 Nettie Asberry earned her doctorate degree in music. She helped establish the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Tacoma in the early 1900's.
Mud on the Move. Along with lava and ash, the volcanically active Mount Rainier has contributed thick flows of mud from its sides and summit. One of the largest mudflows occurred about 5,800 years ago sending thick rivers of mud down the White Ri…
Why is the River White? Particles the size and color of plaster dust give the White River its distinctive pale hue. These particles are what geologists call "glacial flour"—a fitting name for the pulverized rock from the Emmons g…