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Founded in 1889 by Jasper Davis, the Mississippi Normal Institute opened on September 1, 1890, east of this site, with an initial enrollment of 75 students that gradually increased throughout the 1890s. At its height, the school boasted …
Front C.S.A. Our Heroes 1861 — 1865 [Bottom two tiers of lower base contain names and units of those who served] Left C.S.A. [Long list of names down the entire shaft including the lower base steps] [Brass plaque on bottom step…
Center panel Dedicated to the honor and memory of the men and women of Pontotoc County who served in the Armed Forces of the United States in World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Honoring all who served — In memory …
Front Pontotoc County's wide-ranging musical legacy encompasses African American blues from Baby Face Leroy Foster, Lee Gates, R. C. Weatherall, and Terry "Harmonica" Bean as well as music by white artists who combined blues or R&B with country…
E. 5 mi. is site where Chickasaws defeated French commander, May 20, 1736, six days before defeat of Bienville at Ackia. Along with fourteen other French captives D'Artaguiette was burned at the stake.
Pierre D' Artaguiette French Commander was defeated in battle with Chickasaw Indians Sunday May 20, 1736 A week later D' Artaguiette, Francois - Marie Bissot De Vincennes, Father Antoine Senat, Jesuit Missionary-in all 20 Frenchmen cap…
W. 2 mi. Mother church of area. Organized before 1840 on camp-meeting site by Rev. James R. Callaway, founder of schools that became Pontotoc Academy & Chickasaw College.
S. 0.3 mi. Robert Gordon, Indian-trader & speculator, built it in 1836. Noted for spaciousness, carved woodwork, & hospitality. J. D. Fontaine bought it in 1900.
Established here, 1852, by Presbyterians. Building was used as hospital for both Confederate & Union soldiers in Civil War. School noted for high educational standards.
Buried 3.2 mi. S. at Toccopola School. As Chickasaw wife of John L. Allen she won famous suit over title to slave held under Indian law. As result, in 1839 state led English-speaking world in legislation protection of spouse.