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has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
To Our Armed Forces; You go where we ask, never with complaint You fight with honor, never demanding praise You sacrifice greatly, never yielding courage You always protect our freedoms, never will you fail "Thank you" Citizens of Oakland …
Through the efforts of General Dodge, as Chief Engineer of the Union Pacific Railroad, and the foresight of Abraham Lincoln, Council Bluffs became the hub of the first Transcontinental Railroad.
After traveling 68 days and 600 miles, it was time for the Corps of discovery to stop for a rest. On July 22, 1804, William Clark wrote, they camped on the east side of the Missouri River, about 10 miles above the mouth of the Platte River, on lan…
French, Spanish, and British traders already controlled trade empires west of the Mississippi river when Lewis and Clark began the Expedition in 1804. but President Thomas Jefferson wanted the United States to control trade in the newly acquired L…
The Western Historic Trails Center welcomes you to the story of America's trails west. The trip across the county from the Mississippi to the Pacific required stamina and ingenuity to overcome the challenges of the landscape. Walk along the levee …
During late July and early August of 1804, the Lewis and Clark Expedition traveled the length of the Missouri River that today is the boarder between Iowa and Nebraska. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark studied the river, forests, and prairies. T…
In 1804-06, Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led about 40 soldiers and boatmen on an epic journey. President Thomas Jefferson commissioned this "Corps of discovery" to find a route to the Pacific Ocean through the newly acquired Louisia…
One of President Jefferson's goals for this expedition was to seek out the native peoples and council with them. On July 28, 2804, the expedition passed this overlook area early in the morning and noted of this area "a bluff on the S.S. (Starboard…
Dedicated to the memory of the defenders of our flag. "Greater love hath no man." (Reverse side) Erected 1926 by Abe Lincoln's Woman's Relief Corps, No. 180, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 1861-1865.