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Side A Born in Randolph Co. circa 1828i to Quaker family, Way was advocate for women's rights and temperance. Founding member of Indiana Woman's Rights Association, 1851; participant in "Whisky Riot" here, 1854; and nurse in …
Union Literary Institute was one of the first schools to offer higher education without regard to color or sex before the Civil War. It was established in 1846 by a biracial board, including free blacks from nearby settlements. At the …
"We arrived at our Present place of abode on White River, Randolph County, Ind., on the 20th day of December, 1831 after a long and tedious journey. We arrived here without any Lives lost or Limbs broke, and that is all we can say." -Edmund Goodrich-
(Side One)When this meeting house was dedicated 1898, membership in Quarterly Meeting of Friends at Winchester was largest in the world. Migration of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) into this area began 1814 with the arrival of families…
( Front - Plaque )1917 ― 1918In honor of the World War Heroes ofRandolph County who made the SupremeSacrifice for their beloved Country.( Row One )Hershel W. Arens · Clarence W. Borror · Chauncey C. Botkin · Lloyd E. Bro…
Randolph County first in Nation with all Rural Consolidated High SchoolsLee L. Driver, School Superintendent Lincoln (1st) · McKinley Spartanburg · LynnFarmland · ParkerJefferson · SaratogaRidgeville · GreenStone…
Established in 1818 and was split off the north end of Wayne County with Winchester made the County Seat. 1820 - 1825 the County included all Territory North to the Michigan Line. Until 1836, included Territory North to Allen County. The 1875 Cour…
In Memory of Randolph County PioneerRevolutionary Soldiersburied in unmarked Graves
In Commemoration of The Veterans ofWorld War II and Korean ConflictRandolph County