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2nd Lt. 1775. Led Forces At Quebec, St. John's, White Plains and Monmouth. 1st Sheriff Rensselaer County 1st Mayor City of Troy, NY
Henry Burden's Upper Works. Invented Modern Horseshoe And Railroad Spike, Site Of World's Most Powerful Water Wheel Founded 1809
Burial Site of Medal of Honor Recp. Lt Col William O'Brien 105th Inf. Regt. 27th Inf. Div. Corporal Owen McGough Btry. D 5th US Arty.
In the ground before you rest the remains of 164 people who were removed from the Third Street Burial Ground in Troy, NY in 1875 to make way for a new City Hall. No gravestones ever marked this spot as they were probably broken during the disinter…
Medal of Honor Recipient Civil War Soldier PVT CO B 169 NY INF May 10, 1844 - August 26, 1911 "Volunteered To Carry The Brigade Flag After The Bearer Was Wounded"
Amos Eaton, with Patroon Stephen Van Rensselaer, founded the Rensselaer School in 1824, later Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. A philosopher of higher education, he revolutionized instruction away from the liberal arts tradition into a laboratory…
Gardner Earl MemorialChapel And CrematoriumHas Been Designated ANational Historic LandmarkThis Site Possesses National Significance in Commemorating The History of The United States of AmericaBuilt Between 1888 and 1889, This Memorial to Cremation…
1840 - 1963 Site of Liberty StreetPresbyterian Church (African) 1st Pastor, Henry H. Garnet, 1840-48; Local, State and Nat'l Abolitionist Meetings: Draft Riot Site, 1863 Beta Psi Boulé, Sigma Pi Phi
Medal of Honor Michael Burke Pvt Co. D 125 NY Inf Civil War Born 1844 Died 1878
Rensselaer graduate of the first class of 1826 Rensselaer Professor of Geology 1830-1840 State Geologist, New York Geological Survey The first State Geologist of North Carolina 1851 Created the standard for American stratigraphic surveys and es…