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Battle Of BenningtonSecond engagementAt this point occurred the defeat of Colonel Breyman, who commanded a force of 600 men sent by General Burgoyne to reinforce Colonel Baum. Seth Warner and his regiment of Vermont rangers "Green Mountain Boys" d…
General John Stark with New Hampshire Vermont and Massachusetts militia defeated and captured an expeditionary force sent by General Burgoyne and commanded by Colonel Baum. This was one of the first decisive victories in the War of the Revolution.
West Hall Constructed 1868-1871Marcus F. Cummings, Architect Troy Hospital1871 - 1922Catholic Central High School1923-1952Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute1953 - Exterior Restoration2004-2008 Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D., PresidentSamuel…
On May 10, 1862, much of downtown Troy [N.Y.] was destroyed by the worst fire the city has ever known. Sparks from a steam engine set fire to the wooden bridge to Green Island, and a strong wind spread the flames across the city. By night fall, ov…
The Church of theHoly Cross 1844Its Rectory 1857The Mary Warren FreeInstitute School 1862Are Listed UponThe National Register ofHistoric Places in Recognitionof their Architectural andHistorical Significance1973
Washington ParkEstablished in 1840 this park is one of only two privately owned urban ornamental parks in NewYork State Washington Park Association
First InhabitantsMahican Indians, known today as Mohicans by the Mohican Nation, were Algonquian-speaking people who inhabited this spot as early as the 1400s. Mahicans gathered here, at Schaghticoke, Cohoes, and at DeLaets and Schodack Islands lo…
Here was begunApril 27, 1860The RescueofCharles Nalleanescaped slave who had beenarrested under theFugitive Slave Act
W & L E Gurley Buildinghas been designated aNationalHistoric LandmarkThis site possesses national significancein commemorating the history of theUnited States of America
Kate Mullany House has been designated a National Historic Landmark This house possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America. Kate Mullany, an Irish Immigrant, laundry worker, and a nationally recogni…