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Dedicated to The Gallant Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865 Original plaque erected by The Grand Army of the Republic, Post 524 c. 1931 Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries, Inc. Staten Island 2004
Gretta Moulton Was a Heroine of the Environmental Movement That Saved High Rock Park in 1965. An Inspired Leader of Early Efforts to Preserve the Greenbelt, She was also a Trustee of the Staten Island Institute of the Arts and Sciences and the Fou…
Lontra canadensis Habitat: Shores of rivers, marshes and bays Range: North America Status: Threatened Slip Slidin' Away The streamlines form and webbed feet combined with the thick, tapered and muscular tail lends for speedy swimming. Otters …
In honor of the men and women of New Dorp Beach who served their country in World War II especially those who made the supreme sacrifice
This impressive country residence, built about 1770 by Captain John Neville, a retired naval officer, is one of the few large Pre-Revolutionary houses still standing in New York City. The enframed doorway with its handsome moldings and the molded …
Preventing Infectious Disease For many years, this boarding station helped to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the United States. From 1783 to 1971, officers working at this station boarded and inspected thousands of ships coming into…
To the memory of Commodore John Barry Father of the American Navy Born County Wexford Ireland 1739 Died in Philadelphia 1803 Erected by the John Barry Council AARIR* Staten Island New York October 29 1939 *American Association for the …
Giovanni Verrazzano Native of Florence Italy Discovered Staten Island April 17 1524 Staten Island Italian Historical Society 1956
For God and CountryEgbert Square named in honor of Arthur Stanley EgbertSea 2C USNRF who died in the sinking of the USS President Lincoln on May 31, 1918, and dedicated to the men and women of Port Richmond and Graniteville who devotedly served th…
In honor of theMen and Women of Livingstonwho served our countryin World War IIand in memory of thosewho made the supreme sacrifice Adams, Harold H. · Adams, James B. · Adams, Kenneth H. · Anderson, George A. · Ander…