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The Hulse-Daughters House (1892) at 617 Colorado is a rare example of a Shingle style home in Kansas. Architect H.H. Richardson, whose Richardson Romanesque architectural style can be seen in many of the major buildings on the KSU campus, was one …
Manhattan's businesses developed around the transportation available at the time. Initially, the Kansas River and the Military Trail leading to Fort Riley were the only routes to get to Manhattan. With the arrival of the railroads, commerce quickl…
In memory of Pioneers and Citizens of Union Riley Centre Riley
United States Army · 14 June 1775 Navy · 13 October 1775 Marine Corps · 10 November 1775 Coast Guard · 4 August 1790 Air Force · 18 September 1947
Damon Runyon (October 3, 1880—December 10, 1946) was a newspaperman and writer best known for his short stories celebrating the world of Broadway in New York City. He spun humorous tales of gamblers, hustlers, actors, and gangsters; few of w…
This home at 319 N. 5th was built in 1904 by Guy Varney. Designed in the Queen Anne style, the home incorporates Palladian windows and classical column porch supports. Solid limestone walls make up the structure of the first floor. Many of the sto…
One of Manhattan's early architects, Dr. John Walters, designed Douglass School in 1903. The school - designed for "colored" children is now the Douglass Center Annex. Walters is best known for his buildings on the Kansas State University campus,…
In 2006, the City of Manhattan established a partnership with Dobřichovice, a city in the Czech Republic. This relationship has created a continuing sharing of cultural, educational, youth and civic understanding and friendship between the …
This house is one of about ten prefabricated buildings brought on the steamboat Hartford to Kansas in the spring of 1855. The Hartford left Cincinnati, Ohio April 26, 1855. Its passengers planned to settle in a town named Manhattan at the head of…
In memory of the defenders of the Union 1861 - 1865