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Croft, Pvt James E 20 March 1897 Allatoona GA 12th Bty Wis Lt Art Medal of Honor Citation:Took the place of a gunner who had been shot down and inspired his comrades by his bravery and effective gunnery, which contributed largely to the defea…
Side A Roy Chapman Andrews, one of the most celebrated explorers of the 20th century, was born in Beloit on January 26, 1884. He grew up across the river at 419 St. Lawrence Avenue. Andrews acquired a lifelong passion for the natural world during…
On October 2, 1859 Abraham Lincoln worshiped with the members of the First Congregational Church which stood on the site of this edifice, 1848 - 1868
First Congregational Church in Janesville, Wisconsin is listed in the National Register of Historic Places May 17, 1990 This plaque donated in loving memory of Robert Rockenfield by his family
In this building Abraham Lincoln addressed the citizens of BeloitOctober 1, 1859This tablet is placed by the Beloit Chapter D.A.R. MCMXI
In the summer of 1933, military veterans in Company V-1680 of the Civilian Conservation Corps improved the banks of Allen Creek here, planted trees, and did soil conservation work on nearby farms. They camped at the old County Fair Grounds south o…
Built in 1868, this mill was purchased in 1882 by August Beckmann and was operational until 1954. In 1990 area volunteers began its restoration. The mill operates on its original equipment by water power and is listed on the National Register of H…
During the 1930s, the Janesville National Guard armory was headquarters for the 32nd Tank Company, a unit of Wisconsin's famed Thirty-Second Division, which had been reorganized after World War I and equipped with light tanks. In November 1940, as…
Constructed in 1868 by William How, the How-Beckman grist mill stands along Raccoon Creek where a distillery and sawmill were once located. In 1882 the Beckman family purchased the property. German-born August Beckman operated the turbine-powered …
The nation's first commercially built "aeroplane" was assembled and flown here November 4, 1909, by Arthur P. Warner, Wisconsin's first pilot. Self-taught, Warner was the 11th American to pilot a powered aircraft and first in the U.S. to buy an ai…