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Near this spotDr. Ephraim McDowellwas born November 11, 1771 The Father of Abdominal SurgeryBeginning medical study in Staunton, Virginia, continuing it in Edinburgh, Scotland, he later received the honorary degree from the University of Maryla…
Nearby is the cemetery that contains the grave of Capt. John McDowell, who died on 18 Dec. 1742 during a conflict between Iroquois Indians and colonial settlers. Although accounts differ on how the conflict arose, it resulted in the deaths of more…
Here was born James McDowell, Governor of Virginia, 1843-46.
A mile and a half northwest, Cyrus H. McCormick perfected, in 1831, the grain reaper. In that vicinity, in 1856, J. A. E. Gibbs devised the chainstitch sewing machine.
Rockbridge CountyArea 616 Square MilesFormed in 1778 from Augusta and Botetourt, and named for the Natural Bridge. Samuel Houston and Cyrus H. McCormick were born in this county. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are buried in Lexington. Washing…
Around 1750, while surveying Natural Bridge, George Washington carved his initials under the bridge's arch. His initials can still be seen today, directly across Cedar Creek and 23 feet up.
Natural Bridge holds a unique place in American history as one of the natural wonders and first tourist attractions in the New World. Artists and illustrators popularized its image. This natural semielliptical arch is made of limestone carved by n…