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This house served as General Washington's headquarters during Major John Andr?'s trial and in 1783, when Sir Guy Carleton visited to plan the evacuation of New York City. Revolutionary War Heritage Trail
Built 1726, Domine SamuelVerbryck lived here duringRevolution. He was friendof Washington. He foundedRutgers College, N.J.
Atop Rockland Cemetery lies the grave of he whose exploration in the 1840s opened the way west for countless settlers, who issued the first Emancipation Proclamation and who saved the west for the Union in 1861. From the ashes of his campfires …
A log structure, with whipping posts and stocks, was erected on this Tappan green C. 1691. Here justice was administered to all of Orange County, which then included present Rockland. A more permanent courthouse and "gaol," built in 1739, was dest…
On this site stood the home of Colonel A. Hawkes Hay - Soldier, Legislator, Confidante of Washington.U.S. Bicentennial
Left Tablet:Stony PointA British Outpostcommanding the King's FerryAssaulted and takenJuly 15-16, 1779by the Corps of light infantrycommanded byAnthony WayneRenamed Fort WayneAcquired by the State of New York1897The American Scenic and HistoricPre…
Here the American and French armies, under Generals Washington and Rochambeau, crossed the Hudson River in August 1781 enroute to capture Cornwallis in Yorktown, Va. N.Y.S. Organization Daughters of the American Revolution
In July 1779, American Light Infantry, under Brigadier General Anthony Wayne, launched a midnight assault, capturing a British Fort and its defenders. N.Y.S. Organization Daughters of the American Revolution
It has been documented that the earliest settlers of the Tappan Patent owned slaves; indeed, Daniel DeClark owned two slaves when he lived on this site. These grave stones are attributed to a cemetery on farm land, once owned by the Mann family, l…
This is the Bottom or Grinding Stone from a grist mill in nearby Ramapo, Rockland County, New York. Two rotating wheels, turned by water power, ground corn and wheat kernels into flour. A gift of R.W. Harry SkyGeorge Washington Masonic Hist…