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For God and Country In Memory of Those Who Served And For Those Known Only to God Viet-Nam 1961 - 1975 John M. Perry Post No. 1044 American Legion
For God and Country In Memory of Those Who Served And For Those Known Only to God Korea 1950 - 1955 John M. Perry Post No. 1044 American Legion
Erected byThe Citizens of the Town ofStony PointIn Grateful Appreciation of the NobleSacrifice of These Sons Who Gave Their Livesand in Recognition of Those Who Foughtin the1917 - World War - 1919 Erected in Memory ofThose Who Served and Diedin W…
On October 6, 1777, Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton landed 2,100 British troops near Stony Point and marched north to attach the Continental garrisons at Forts Clinton and Montgomery. When it reached Doodletown, the advance guard of 900 men u…
You are walking part of the 1777 historic trail that retraces as nearly as possible the routes taken by the British army during the Revolutionary War. The 1777 trail represents the route taken by British General Sir Henry Clinton's forces on Oc…
The Bridge Street Bridge was constructed in 1880 by the King Iron Bridge Company of Cleveland Ohio. It survives as a unique example of a small late 19th century hand operated mechanical drawbridge. The lifting system dates back to drawbridge desig…
Here lie buried officers and men of theThird Continental Light DragoonsThey were surprised while asleep in Old Tappantoday's River Vale, N.J.Taken prisoner by British forces.They died here in Tappan on and aboutSeptember 28, 1778
Washington led his armyfrom Kings Ferry to thisspot at which they dividedto march south and westU.S. Bicentennial
On December 1, 1974 a Northwest Orient Airlines Boeing 727 flying between John F. Kennedy International Airport and Buffalo, NY, encountered atmospheric icing and crashed on this site. Flight 6231 was operating a ferry flight, having been chartere…
The men who built the Bear Mountain Bridge had completed some of the most challenging construction projects of the period. Connected by educational institutions, bridge and engineering companies, and previous projects, all had risen through the ra…
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