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Baptist minister vitalto growth of church inN.C. Founder of MountZion Church (1867),which is one block W.
Colonial trading route,dating from 17th cen-tury from Petersburg,Virginia, to the Catawbaand Waxhaw Indians inCarolina, passed nearby.
Congressman, ? ? 1789 - 93,Comptroller of theUnited States Treasury,Federalist Party Leader.Home stands 2 blockseast.
[ Left Tablet: ] This monument is erected by authority of an Act of the Pennsylvania Legislature approved June 13th 1907. To commemorate the patriotic devotion, heroism, and self-sacrifice of the officers and soldiers of the Pennsylvania Volunt…
In memory ofRowan'sConfederate Soldiersthat their heroic deeds,sublime self-sacrificeand undying devotionto duty and Countrymay never be forgotten1861 - 1865 [ Left of Monument: ]Soldiers of theConfederacy,Fame has given youan imperishable crow…
Maine's tributetoher soldierswho diedwhile prisoners of waratSalisbury, N.C.1864 - 1865 [ Right of Monument: ] "They fought forpeace, - forpeace they fell, -they sleep in peace,and all is well." [ Rear of Monument: ] "To live in hearts,we le…
In 18 trenches, just south of this spot, rest the bodies of 11,700 soldiers of the United States Army, who perished during the years 1864 and 1865 while held by the Confederate Military Authorities as prisoners of war in a stockade near this place…
Salisbury Prison and Trench GravesSalisbury Prison was established by the Confederate government in October 1861 on the site of an old cotton factory. In preparation for the first prisoners, a portion of the grounds was enclosed by a stockade fenc…
Governor, 1859-61. A leaderof the secession movementin N. C. Died July, 1861, aged40. Home stands 1½ blocks south.
United States Senator,1903-30, a leading sup-porter of Wilson's warpolicies, Speaker of theHouse of Representa-tives. His home is here.