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Lytle Creek Canyon in the San Gabriel Mountains has a long and interesting history. It is named for Andrew Lytle, who served as a company commander in the famed Mormon Battalion during the Mexican War. Lytle was among the earliest settlers of the …
Erected in memory of the pioneer women of the San Bernardino Valley who dared to travel across the country by ox team and covered wagon to help lay the foundation for the building of this state.
Camp Clipper was established at a site that reachedFrom Essex Road to this location in the spring of1942. It was one of twelve such camps built in theSouthwestern Desert to harden and train United States troops for service on the battlefields ofWo…
Founded in 1986 as the Crest Forest Historical Society, the Rim of the World Historical Society now operates the Mountain History Museum in this renovated San Bernardino County Firehouse.Today, in its 25th anniversary year, the society continues i…
This campsite on both the Mojave Trail over the mountains and the Cajon Pass Route was probably first seen by Spanish and American traverlers in the 1770's and was noted by them in 1806, 1849 and 1850. Michael White, grantee in 1843 of the Muscupi…
Conflicts between Indians and white settlers over the rich lands of the San Bernardino Mountains culminated in The Battle at Chimney Rock on February 16, 1867. Although the Indians defended themselves fiercely, they were forced to retreat into the…
In Honor ofPeter DavidsonBorn in Scotland, 1826, settled in Lucerne Valley in 1883 and is believed to be the areas first white settler. He build a home on the knoll behind this site and gave food and lodging to wayfarers.He died, unmarried, Jan.17…
In the 1860's, Freshwater springs in the area were developed by Mormon freighters making the springs and surrounding cottonwood trees a popular campsite.
We RememberThat smile, that twinkle or tear in your eye,that laugh;We rememberwhen you were growing up on the streets,the grocery stores, the soda fountains, pharmacies and shops; We rememberWhen you attended our elementary schoolsand Victor Valle…
In memory ofHenry Harbinson Sinclair1858-1914 A testimonial to his high and usefulservice as a pioneerin the establishmentand development of thehydro electric industry in California
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