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Albert K. Smiley, a leader of the city's library movement, donated this building and park to the citizens of Redlands in 1898. Through his generosity, Redlands was given one of California's few privately funded libraries of that era. In 1906, he a…
Located in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains directly above the City of San Bernardino, the Arrowhead Landmark can be seen for miles around. This important landmark has for centuries been a symbol of the San Bernardino Valley to the Na…
This is the site of an adobe fortification erected about 1856-57 by the "Independent" faction in a dispute with the Mormons over a land title. The fort was maintained for about a year. This also is the site of the Indian village of Jumuba, and Jed…
Built by Edward Daley & Company1870
Sheldon StoddardSydney P. Waitecame over this trail1849helped erect thismonument1912
In June 1851, 500 Mormon Pioneers came through this pass to enter the San Bernardino Valley where they colonized and established a prosperous community.
Consructed in 1842 by Diego Sepulveda, nephew of Antonio Maria Lugo, this is believed to be the oldest house in San Bernardino County. The land, formerly controlled by San Gabriel Mission, was part of Rancho San Bernardino, granted to the Lugos in…
"Guachama Rancheria, lying along this road, was named San Bernardino May 20, 1810, by Francisco Dumetz. In 1819 it became the San Bernardino Rancho of Mission San Gabriel. The adobe administration building stood about 70 yds. north of this spot, a…
On this site in 1839 was built the first house in San Bernardino. The home of Jose del Carmen Lugo one of the grantees of the Rancho San Bernardino. Also on this site in 1851 a stockade of logs was built as a protection against Indians. In it m…
Spanish missionaries introduced the principle of irrigation in San Bernardino Valley, thus opening the way to settlement. Franciscan Fathers engineered, and Indians dug, this first ditch (or "zanja") in 1819-20. In historical sequence the zanja su…
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