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Old City Hall 1918 - 1953 Dedicated 1980
Coronado Historical Landmark First Bank Building - 1911
Naval Aviation Centennial 1911-2011 Coronado, the Birthplace of Naval Aviation Time capsule commemorating the Centennial of Naval Aviation is buried here
Beneath a nearby sycamore tree, two of Andres Pico's officers, Leonardo Cota and Jose Alipas, planned their successful strategy against the American forces they battled at San Pasqual on December 6, 1846
The Santa Margarita Ranch House Bell. It is not known where the Santa Margarita Ranch House Bell was cast or in what year it was first hung in the arch on the front porch of the ranch house. It has been suggested that it may have been brought t…
Original site of the Coronado Ferryboat Terminal which operated ferries between San Diego and Coronado from 1886 until the opening of the bridge in 1969. Equipped to accommodate passengers, horses and buggies, and later automobiles, the ferry syst…
Birthplace of Naval Aviation In 1910, on the unoccupied brushland of North Coronado Island, inventor and entrepreneur Glenn Hammond Curtiss opened his winter flying school for prospective "aeroplane pilots."Among his first class of students was…
In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt sent America's battleships, called the Great White Fleet, on a world cruise. Dispatched largely as a goodwill gesture to Japan, the Fleet was scheduled to make San Francisco its first U.S. stop. Led by loca…
Over the next four days the city's reception committee, headed by William Kettner, who would one day become the region's representative in the U.S. Congress, welcomed the men of the Fleet with an endless series of balls, guided tours, dinners, tea…
When war was declared in 1941, the city's civilian population exploded by more than 50,000 as workers streamed into the city. Transportation and housing facilities were soon overwhelmed. Trailers crowded once-empty land on the outskirts of the cit…
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