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home of Drury D. Bailey Founder of Julian in 1869 House completed in 1876
The Descanso Town Hall was dedicated on Christmas Day 1898 "to the general public for religious, political, literary and social purposes" and has served as the center of the local community. It is reminiscent of other community halls ere…
Not far from here, Amos Buckman (1820 - 1898) discovered what is known today as Buckman Springs. After spending time in the Napa Valley following his arrival from Massachusetts, he moved his family to San Diego in 1871. The Buckmans eventually set…
In 1888, blacksmith, Joseph Treshil, bought the property from Drury Bailey holder of homestead patent (signed by Pres. Grover Cleveland). The building, with walls two feet thick made of shist & adobe, served as a blacksmith shop. Peter Mayrhoffer,…
the two markers are attached to a flag pole Upper Marker Julian This marker placed in memory of Mrs. Ida B. Wellington May 25, 1887 - Dec. 16, 1962 Historian - Humanitarian Daughter of Drury Bailey who Homesteaded land and established…
Historic Gold Mining Town founded by Drury D. Bailey Feb. 1870
placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior June 23, 1978
Built for Albert Robinson, ex-Missouri slave, and wife Margaret on the site of their restaurant - bakery, this sole surviving Julian mining era hotel became famous for its hospitality. Miners, promotors, politicians, sightseers, salesmen, and othe…
Frank Antonio De Luca, Italian immigrant, naturalized 1872 at Memphis, TN. and wife, Florence, created this small house, typical of Julian, in 1897 from a studless rough plank cabin built in 1893 by miner C.L. Barnett. De Luca came here in 1889, a…
A mining & ranching town, many Julian people could not afford to buy a home on $3.00/10 hr. day. This rental, typical of many here, provided 564 sq. ft., four rooms, kerosene lamps, woodstove, hand dug well and privy for $6.00 to $12.00/ month. It…
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