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MEMORIALDedicated to all men and womenof Stockton, many of whom paidthe ultimate sacrifice, whoserved their country overseasand on the home front duringWorld War II, December 1941through September 1945. Maytheir devotion to duty and loveof country…
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for another."John 15:13 This memorial is dedicated to honor all Stockton firefighters that gave their lives in the line of duty.
Americans heal, not by forgetting, but by remembering.It is with this in mind that we dedicate this MemorialCity of StocktonSeptember 11, 2007
On December 7, 1941,this country's unpreparednessinvited a surprise attackon Pearl Harbor.Which plunged us into a costly warand taught us thatthe price of peace is preparedness.REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR
Built in the spirit of the "City Beautiful" movement, the Stockton City Hall provides an outstanding example of 1920's construction techniques and design. The building's Renaissance Revival Style was determined by a collaboration of Stockton and S…
In August 1844, the first settlers arrived at Rancho del Campo de los Franceses. One of the company, Thomas Lindsay, built the first dwelling, a tule hut, on this site. He was later murdered by Indians and buried here by travelers. The Point was f…
The residence of Captain Charles M. Weber, who founded Stockton in 1849, was located 450 feet west of this monument. The tower was often used by Weber to watch riverboats navigating the San Joaquin River and Stockton Channel. In 1917 the house was…
Site of a two-story adobe and redwood home built by Charles M. Weber, founder and pioneer developer of Stockton. One of the first elaborate residences and landscaped garden in the San Joaquin Valley. Completed in 1850, it remained Captain Weber's …
This hallowed ground was donated by Captain Charles M. Weber in 1851 for use as a cemetery by the Jewish community of Stockton. It is the oldest Jewish cemetery in continuous use in California and west of the Rocky Mountains.
Here, within the confines of San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, enclosed by barbed wire and housed in temporary barracks, 4,217 San Joaquin County residents of Japanese ancestry, predominately American citizens, were interned from May 10 to October 1…