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1856 Architects RowFarms and orchards surrounded the site's original buildings. These were the 1856 home and office of architect Thomas Beck and 1861 home and office of architects John Morrow and John Williams north of Beck's. Churches Morrow and …
1850 Home of Francisco Alzina,Santa Cruz' first sheriffunder state government Santa Cruz Historical Society
Erected 1887 for Henry WilleyFirst President Peoples Bank Santa Cruz Historical Society
First Public School TeacherSanta Cruz1800 - 1889
In Memory of Chuck Volwiler (1956-2002)Booming theatre business in Santa Cruz led the Golden State Theatre chain to replace the 700-seat Unique with the 1,500-seat Del Mar in 1936. The movie palace was a flagship of the chain, with a stage and 25-…
The medico-dental building, erected by Frederick A. Hihn in 1894, stood on this site until it was destroyed by the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. This building was constructed by Gloria Hihn Welsh in 1994.General ContractorDarrow Palmer Construct…
For Duncan & Alexander McPhersonMission Revival Style1868-1910Santa Cruz Historical Trust Landmark
Lumber jack, writer, political activist,musician, editor, humorist Sculpture by Marghe McMahon
W.H Weeks, ArchitectNeoClassical Revival StyleSanta Cruz County Historical Trust Landmark
Civic Renaissance CenterThe Great Fire of 1894 left 3 blocks of destruction around the 1866 Cooper St. Civic Center. The Civic reconstruction promoted Renaissance designs to show "Culture" had arrived in Santa Cruz, and surrounding businesses pick…
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