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The Unknown American Soldiers who perished in the Battles of Saratoga September 19 and October 7, 1777 and were here buried in unmarked graves helped to assure the triumph of the War of Independence, to create the Republic of the United States of …
In memory ofThe Noble Son of PolandBrig. GeneralThaddeus KosciuszkoMilitary EngineerSoldier of the War of Independencewho under the command of General Gatesselected and fortified these fieldsfor the great Battle of Saratogain which the invader was…
Here the battle ragedback and forth onSept. 19 and Oct. 7. Here Major Aclandwas wounded————— The gift ofMrs Estelle Willoughby
Oct. 7th, 1777His forces scatteredby Morgan's riflemen. Gift of J.W.Drexel
Here Morganreluctant to destroyso noble a foe wasforced by patrioticnecessity to defeat andslay the gentle andgallant Fraser. To commemoratethe magnanimityof Morgan's heroicnature and his sternsense of duty to hiscountry, this tabletis here ins…
In memory ofunknown soldiersreinterred here DedicatedSept. 19, 1987
Born: Invernesshire, ScotlandDied: Saratoga, New York This memorial commemorates the death and burial October 8, 1777 of General Simon Fraser, a loyal Highlander, trusted soldier, and respected leader of Burgoyne's advance corps who was mortall…
This monument was erected under the auspices of the Saratoga Monument Association to commemorate the surrender of General Burgoyne to General Gates on the17th of October, 1777. The first presidents of the association, were Hamilton Fish and Hor…
Site ofContinentalBarrackswhere General Stark tried andcondemned the Tory Lovelassas a spy.
General Starkheld this position to preventBritish retreat to north.